Non-woven Fabric 

  • Surgical Grown
  • Isolation Grown
  • Lab Coat
  • Coverall
  • Cap  Nurse Cap Doctor Cap Astronaut Cap
  • Beard Cover Shoe Cover Sleeve Cover Pillow Case
  • Apron Shopping Bag
  • Mask 
Our factory owns two ultrasonic mask production line(5000 million pcs/style/year). The specifications of mask can be adjusted in scope of 14x17cm-19x20cm. The ultrasonic heating sewing machine can sew SMS Non-woven fabric and other water proof fabric products. Our factory has three daub rubber production line(380 Ton/year). Gram of non-woven cloth coated rubber is 30g/m2 to 100g/m2; width of non-woven cloth coated rubber is 34cm to 70cm.

Cap (Cosmetic Cap, Bouffant Cap, Doctor Cap, Astronaut Cap)


Bouffant Cap:16g/m2pp
Size: 18" 20" 21" 23" 24"


Beard Cover:16g/m2pp
Size: large# middle# small#



Doctor Cap:30g/m2pp
Size: 14x71.5cm


Astronaut Cap:
Size: 30x59cm

Clothing ( Surgical Gown, Surgical Vest, Isolation Gown,  Protective Clothes, Lab Coat, Cosmetic Garment, Baby Shirt, Pillow Case, Bed Sheet, etc.)   spunlace / PP with pe-coated / SMS 


Surgical Gown:
65g/m2 spunlace
Universal Size: 152x147cm


Surgical Gown:
30g/m2 PP with pe-coated
Universal Size: 120x140cm


Surgical Gown:
50g/m2 SMS
Universal Size:135x150cm


Protective Clothes: 
Universal Size: 167x142cm

Shoe Cover( Usual Shoe Cover, Shoe Cover with Non-skid, Concise Shoe Cover), PP / PP coated rubber / SMS



Usual Shoe Cover:
Size: 41x17cm



Boot Cover:
Size: 42x37cm

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