Laboratory Appliances:
  • Thermometer, C. and / or F.
  • Thermometer For Home Use
  • Balance
  • Microscope
  • Microscope Slide
  • Cover Glass
  • Glassware
  • Medical Educational Equipment & Model

Medical Education Equipment, Model

Models of Acupuncture Points of Human Body Skeleton with Iron Stand Model: GD-0202B
 85cm tall, advanced torso with 42 parts dissectible and multifunctional compositive model.

Dental Care Model
1.Oral hygiene set, up&lower jaw
2.Oral hygiene set, up&lower jaw with tongue
3.Oral hygiene set, up&lower jaw, small teeth dissectible

Human Heart Collection
Thymus anatomical heart
Adult anatomical heart
Mid-aged adult anatomical heart

Model:GD-0307A  Magnified Eye Model

A highly detailed eye model, dissectible into 7 parts:
top section, vitreous body, bottom section, lens( 2 parts), iris, cornea.

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