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Model: FY3/FY3H/FY4

FY series medical healthy oxygen concentrator is a new equipment for supplying oxygen. It is incomparably superior to steed oxygen bottle, chemical oxygen concentrator. It's the best choice that the oxygen escalate and change old product. Now, it has been widely used in hospitals, families and entertainment places. It adopts molecule sieve imported from America and China-made oilness compressor for export, applied with advanced physical concentration principle, under normal temperature, divides oxygen and nitrogen from air and concentrates high-consistence medical oxygen above 90 percent continuously only with the electricity and air. 

Function Features
It can concentrate oxygen instantly with convenient operation and its working time amounts to 24 successive hours. Its main components are imported from U.S. with reliable quality and long life span. The density of the oxygen concentrated is steady and the flow can be adjusted accordingly. The product is the ideal substitute for oxygen steel cylinder. Its comparatively low cost makes it suitable for hospitals at all levels as well as family use, especially for patients with TB, cardiovascular or cerebra disease. It is the optimum choice for mental working people to enhance health condition and to prevent themselves from disease like myocardial infarction, etc. It is the health product necessary for places of entertainment, resting, bathing and beauty.




Plastic cabinet

Oxygen consistence above 90%

American molecule sieve


Main technical data


oxygen flow (L/min)

oxygen consistence %

output pressure (Mpa) noise (dB) spray quantity input power (w) Weight Dimension (mm)
FY3 1--3  Above 90% 0.04--0.05 <53


450 25 380X310X600
FY4 1--4
FY5 1--5 <54 550 33 430X385X670

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